About Odessa Gaming


  Odessa Gaming is 7 years old. We started in 1998 with several casino guides. In about two years we found new online gambling market - online bingo. We have launched our first bingo portal - bingo-corner.com. This site was successful and we have launched more similar bingo portals.


  Odessa Gaming is a marketing company focusing on online casino and bingo market. Our company has strong network of online bingo and casino portals. We do not promote online poker and sportsbooks.


  Due to recent gaming legislation passed in the United States, many online bingo halls and casinos quitted business. We still try to bring some players to bingo halls and casinos which left but our main focus is UK bingo market now. We suggest all affiliates to look into UK market and our main reason is that UK licensing online gambling, so we will not loose all our hard work again. For suggested list of best UK affiliate programs - click here.

Odessa Gaming